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When you put a website up on the internet, one of two things can happen – it can either sit there and die, or it can contribute to your business’s growth. For obvious reasons, we all want the latter. So today, Jeremy Empie Web Design shares a few quick tips on things you can do to your website that will make sure it works in your best interest.

Business Process Management

Business process management is essentially digital process automation; check here for more info. This is not a specific tool, but it can be any type of framework that you put into place that helps you analyze how people, technology, and data move together and interact. When you implement BPM and monitor it routinely, you can better understand your business and find innovative ways to improve and refine your processes.


There are obvious benefits of e-commerce for your employees, and there may be even more for you. This is especially true if you sell clothing, books, shoes, consumer electronics, and food or drinks. These are the top items purchased online. An online shop is an additional avenue for your customers to interact with you, and your website can show you valuable metrics on how they use your site.

System Integration

Once you get your e-commerce up and running, you need to make sure that it integrates with your ERP system. For this, you’ll need to hire a developer that can help you get information from your ERP to your site and then again from your site to your ERP. This way, your systems will integrate, and your inventory numbers will be accurate. Your site should also be able to communicate with your customer relationship management software.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of modifying your website to ensure it’s visible to search engines is called search engine optimization. It consists of many different things, and, according to Google, even small updates, such as indexing your site and adding high-quality content throughout it, will help. Spend some time evaluating your blog, videos, and other content. And, don’t forget about long-form content, which includes things like e-books, white papers, and guides, which customers really want. Another smart step here: make sure your site is set up to show your location. A combination of all these actions will help you get more traffic, which can turn into sales.

Visual Graphics

Well-written info and quality video content are crucial for your business; so too are your visual elements. One example here is a logo. Your logo is a piece of the larger puzzle that is your brand, and it often serves as the foundation of it. If you want to toy around with ideas before you hire a graphic designer, look for an online logo maker that lets you play with different elements, like text, color, and fonts. Remember, your logo and brand differentiate you from others, so must be memorable and easily recognizable.

A Customer-Centric Design

Your website can be technically perfect and visually appealing, but if it is not designed in a way that makes sense to your visitors, they’ll leave. Your website should have strong calls to action, your contact information, and simple site navigation – there are different types of navigation, and Template Toaster lists interactive, hamburger menu, and drop downs among these. Without any of these elements, it’s harder for your customers to find what they need.

Everything you can do today to position your website for growth is one less headache that you’ll have to endure tomorrow. From implementing business process management protocols to creating a customer-centric design and making sure your site is search engine visible, there are many ways that your website can work for you. While you don’t have to implement all of these at once, do commit to yourself to prioritize your growth through digital updates.

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